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Military Music of the Revolution

There are many contemporary references to the military music of the day, and there has been much discussion as to the instrumentation.

John C. Fitzpatrick (1876-1940), in his book, The Spirit of the Revolution (1924), describes the function of fifes and drums in the Continental Army. The drum and fife were used for military orders, with such signals as the … Continue reading

18TH C. Musical Instruments

By Washington’s time a variety of musical instruments was used in America. As early as 1761 Washington ordered a spinet from abroad. The harpsichord, and later the piano-forte, were found in many homes, and were used at concerts. Violins and cellos were well-known, and the so-called German flute was as necessary to a perfect eighteenth century gentleman’s outfit as his … Continue reading

The Dances of Washington

Dancing was a popular diversion in eighteenth century America, and Washington himself was particularly fond of it. In early manhood, during the Revolution, and in the years of his presidency he attended many “assemblies”. He enjoyed such affairs to his last days, and it was only in 1799 that he was compelled to write to the managers of the Alexandria … Continue reading

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