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Early U.S. Bands – Part 1

Pre-Revolutionary War

Prior to the Revolutionary War, colonists readily adapted to British military traditions and rapidly accepted England’s military ideas. They copied British militia organization, utilized British training manuals, and used British officers to drill their troops.

As far back as 1633, in the Colony of Virginia, drummers performed for marching practice during militia drills. In 1659, the Dutch supplied … Continue reading

A Soldier in the Revolutionary War – Part 3

Life in the Army

The drum controlled a soldier’s day. The fifers and drummers in each regiment played different tunes to tell the soldiers where they should be and what they should be doing. Here are some examples.

Reveille (REV-a-lee)

Reveille was beat at sunup. It meant that it was time for the soldiers to get up and get ready … Continue reading

A Soldier in the Revolutionary War – Part 2

What would you eat in the Army?

The food a soldier was given, or issued, each day by the Army was called a ration. He knew it was time to get it when he heard the tune “ROAST BEEF” played on the fife and drum. The daily ration for a soldier was a pound of bread, a pound of meat. … Continue reading

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