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Drum Maintenance (Ropes)

In the event your once bright rope has dulled and otherwise changed color, you should realize that the rope has also weakened, and should be replaced. Of course, if your rope started out a natural hemp color, closer inspection will be required to determine it’s strength.

When purchasing new rope, you can buy pre-tied lengths which feature a loop at … Continue reading

Drum Maintenance (Heads)

Drum heads need frequent maintenance. Each material has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturers have a wide selection of items from which to choose replacements. In general, buy natural and tuck them yourselves or get them pre-formed, but if you are pressed for time and money, feel free to use any head that fits!

Natural heads have a richness of sound … Continue reading

Wooden Fife Maintenance

This is preventative maintenance – cracks in fifes occur because simple precautions are not taken. So please take note of these points:

1. Always take the multiple piece fife apart after playing. This allows the moisture to dry out better without getting into the wood. Store it away from extremes of temperature, and keep it wrapped in a cloth or … Continue reading

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