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Battle of Camden

Aug 16, 1780 Battle of Camden, SC.

British General Cornwallis takes the offensive in the south and marches into South Carolina. Rebel General Horatio Gates, the victor at Saratoga, leads a force of mainly new recruits to meet this threat. The armies engage at Camden, SC. Cornwallis commanded somewhat over 2,000 veteran troops while Gates’ force numbered about 4,000 Continentals … Continue reading

Brant attacks Canajoharie.

Aug 2, 1780 Brant attacks Canajoharie.

Most of the Rebel militia was heading for Fort Stanwix to try and trap Joseph Brant. However, Brant had moved on and was preparing to attack the settlement of Canajoharie. He had hoped to attack the settlement and nearby Fort Plank simultaneously.

As it turned out, some of Brant’s Indians showed themselves and alarmed … Continue reading

1780 Indians join British.

Jul 2, 1780 Indians join British.

About 300 Indians who had been supporting the Rebels, entered Fort Niagara. These were some 80 Tuscaroras, 180 Onondagas (who had fled to Oneida villages after their own had been destroyed by the Rebel raids in previous year) and 2 Oneida families. They said they were seeking shelter from the Rebels. However, the Indians … Continue reading

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