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Francisco’s Fight

Francisco’s Fight is the name commonly given to an alleged skirmish between a detachment of Tarleton’s Raiders and Peter Francisco, a Continental Army soldier with a long service record, during the American Revolutionary War in July 1781. The skirmish, which is only known to be documented by Francisco, resulted in the death of at least one man and the wounding of several … Continue reading

Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary 

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The Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary was an inconclusive skirmish that took place on 26 June 1781, late in the American Revolutionary WarBritish forces under Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe and American forces under Colonel Richard Butler, light detachments from the armies of General Lord Cornwallis and the Marquis de Lafayette respectively, clashed near a tavern (the “ordinary“) at a road … Continue reading

Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary

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