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Siege of Augusta

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The siege of Augusta took place between May 22, 1781, and June 6, 1781. American Patriot forces, led by General Andrew Pickens and Colonel Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee, were successful in capturing Augusta, Georgia held by British loyalist militia.[1] Fort Cornwallis, the primary British defence, was successfully exposed to cannon fire by the construction of a tower 30 feet … Continue reading

Siege of Fort Motte

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The siege of Fort Motte was a military operation during the American Revolutionary War. A force of Patriots led by General Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion and Lt. Colonel “Light Horse” Harry Lee set out to capture the British post at Fort Motte, the informal name of a plantation mansion fortified by the British for use as a depot because of its … Continue reading

Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill

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The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill (sometimes referred to as the Second Battle of Camden) was a battle of the American Revolutionary War fought on April 25, 1781, near Camden, South Carolina. A small American force under Nathanael Greene occupying Hobkirk’s Hill, north of Camden, was attacked by British troops led by Francis Rawdon. After a fierce clash, Greene retreated, leaving … Continue reading

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