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British Major Carleton captures Fort Ann and Fort George.

Oct 10, 1780 British Major Carleton captures Fort Ann and Fort George.

During the planning of Sir John Johnson’s October raid on the Mohawk Valley, Sir Frederick Haldimand, Governor-General or Quebec Province, felt a diversion was needed to draw off a major portion of the Rebel militia. To that end, Haldimand ordered Major Christopher Carleton to lead a force down … Continue reading

Battle of Kings Mountain

Oct 2, 1780 British Major Andre hanged.

On direct orders of George Washington, Major John Andre is hanged as a spy. This is after the British refuse to exchange him for Benedict Arnold who had gone over to the British side.

Source: Harv Hilowitz, Revolutionary War Chronology and Almanac.

Oct 7, 1780 Battle of King’s Mountain, SC.

As the British … Continue reading

Battle of Camden

Aug 16, 1780 Battle of Camden, SC.

British General Cornwallis takes the offensive in the south and marches into South Carolina. Rebel General Horatio Gates, the victor at Saratoga, leads a force of mainly new recruits to meet this threat. The armies engage at Camden, SC. Cornwallis commanded somewhat over 2,000 veteran troops while Gates’ force numbered about 4,000 Continentals … Continue reading

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