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March 29 to May 12: Siege of Charleston

Siege of Charleston, (1780) during the American Revolution, British land and sea campaign that cut off and forced the surrender of Charleston, S.C., the principal port city of the southern American colonies.

American Revolution Events. Charleston in 1776 had withstood attack on Fort Sullivan (renamed Fort Moultrie because its defense had been overseen by Gen.William Moultrie) … Continue reading

Siege of Savannah

Following the failures of military campaigns in the north, British military planners decided to embark on a southern strategy to conquer the rebellious colonies, with the support of Loyalists in the South. Their first step was to gain control of the southern ports of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. An expedition in December 1778 took Savannah with modest resistance … Continue reading

Battle of Stony Point

In early 1779, Parliament sent a directive to General Sir Henry Clinton, commander of British forces in America, to bring George Washington into a general action at the start of the campaign. The plan was to throw a force up the Hudson River to threaten the vital Hudson Highlands while a smaller force raided the Connecticut coast, ideally forcing Washington out of his West Point stronghold. General Clinton settled … Continue reading

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