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Ballstown, NY attacked.

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Oct 12, 1780 Ballstown, NY attacked.

On Oct 6th, Captain John Munro, in command of about 200 Loyalists and Indians, left Major Carleton’s force and marched south along the Schroon River. He hoped to link up with Sir John Johnson’s force and then attack Schenectady. On Oct 11th, Munro learned that Carleton had taken Fort Ann and Fort George and was returning to Fort Ticonderoga.

Carleton’s return north left Munro with a decision to make. Should he keep trying to contact Sir John Johnson (Munro had sent two messengers who never returned) or should he do what damage he could and return to Ticonderoga as well? He decided on the latter and on October 12th attacked and destroyed Ballstown, NY. A number of Loyalist wives and children were being held at Ballstown. Munro collected them and returned north.

Source: Gavin K. Watt, The Burning of the Valleys.