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Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Battle of Spencer's Ordinary was an inconclusive skirmish that took place on 26 June 1781, late in the American Revolutionary War. British forces under Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe and American forces under Colonel Richard Butler, light detachments from the armies of General Lord Cornwallis and the Marquis de Lafayette respectively, clashed near a tavern (the "ordinary") at a road intersection not far from Williamsburg, Virginia. Lafayette had been … Continue reading

Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Battle of Hobkirk's Hill (sometimes referred to as the Second Battle of Camden) was a battle of the American Revolutionary War fought on April 25, 1781, near Camden, South Carolina. A small American force under Nathanael Greene occupying Hobkirk's Hill, north of Camden, was attacked by British troops led by Francis Rawdon. After a fierce clash, Greene retreated, … Continue reading

Battle of Cowpens

The Continental Army had suffered crushing defeats in the Southern Colonies. General George Washington had seen one army captured in the Siege of Charleston, a devastating massacre at the Battle of Waxhaws, and another army destroyed in the Battle of Camden.  The moral of the war in the south was not good, to say the … Continue reading

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