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Who Was the Youngest Revolutionary War Soldier or Sailor? – Public comments

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Last month we asked:”Who was the youngest (verifiable) soldier or sailor of the American Revolution?”


My 5th Great Grand Uncle, Archibald Smithson was born in 1765 aged 10 when the war started he was later captured by the British and in a POW Camp in New York City along with 2 others from Harford County, Maryland. This is based on a record among the land records held at the Harford County Circuit Courthouse, Bel Air, Maryland.


Chris Smithson

John Greenslit (1767-1856) enlisted in the CT militia at the age of 15. This is verifiable through his pension records. See also He’s probably not the youngest, but he’s verifiable.

Posted by: Bob Oliphant

One of my ancestors is believed to have been a drummer boy at age 7. He was born in Northampton County, NC, and was in the North Carolina Militia, I believe. Here are his records taken from a transcript of his Bible:
# NATHAN FUTRELL son of WILLIAM FUTRELL was born in the year of our Lord September the 10th day 1773.
# CHARITY FUTRELL daughter of THOMAS FUTRELL was born February the 5th day 1777.
NATHAN FUTRELL Departed this life August the 11 1829.
Transcript of Nathan Futrell Bible records at

and here is a bit taken from the Kentucky Historical Marker database:

Drummer Boy at 7
(Marker Number: 994)

County: Trigg
Location: 6 mi. S. of Golden Pond, off US 68

Description: Nathan Futrell, reputed to be the youngest drummer boy in War of the Revolution, was born, N.C., 1773. Joined N.C. Continental Militia. Married, 1798, came to Ky., 1799. Settled here on Ford’s Creek, 1820, where he farmed, set out the first apple orchard, built one of area’s first grist mills, was official surveyor. Died, 1829. He and his wife, Charity, buried on adjacent hill.

(Subjects: Revolutionary War)

Nathan and Charity Futrell were buried on their farm in Trigg County, KY, and the DAR placed a Rev. War plaque on his grave a number of years ago.

Posted by: Betty Clay

I am Nathan and Charity Futrells 5th generation Granddaughter. I have been to the cemetery and have seen both markers for his Rev.War efforts and his grave as well as Charity’s.

And who cares who’s the youngest to serve in the Rev. War. They all sacrificed what difference does it make? I’m sure his mother was worried to what would happen to her son. However, I’m sure at the same time she couldn’t of been prouder of him, as am I and of those who serve now.

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