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British Major Carleton captures Fort Ann and Fort George.

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Oct 10, 1780 British Major Carleton captures Fort Ann and Fort George.

During the planning of Sir John Johnson’s October raid on the Mohawk Valley, Sir Frederick Haldimand, Governor-General or Quebec Province, felt a diversion was needed to draw off a major portion of the Rebel militia. To that end, Haldimand ordered Major Christopher Carleton to lead a force down the Champlain Valley into the upper Hudson River area. Carleton’s force numbered close to one thousand men, half of which were British Regulars.

The Rebel Commandant of Fort Ann on Wood Creek, surrendered the fort upon seeing the force arrayed against him. Carleton continued south along the upper Hudson destroying farms, mills, and livestock on the way. He turned his force to return to Lake Champlain when they reached Saratoga. While returning to Lake Champlain, he captured Fort George on October 11th. Both Fort Ann and Fort George were burned.

Source: Gavin K. Watt, The Burning of the Valleys.