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Battle of Guilford Courthouse

The Battle of Cowpens took place in South Carolina colony and was a turning point in the Southern Campaign. Nathanael Greene borrowed Morgans use of militia in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

which resulted in a British massacre.

Although the British took the field their casualties were so high that it was impossible for Cornwallis to continue. … Continue reading


South Carolina  |  Jan 17, 1781

By late 1778, the British high command proceeded with their “Southern Strategy.” Why did they choose this new “Southern Strategy?” Simply put, economics. The New England colonies produced many of the same products and goods as the British Isles, but the Southern Colonies were a different story. Rice, indigo, tobacco, and other cash crops abounded. Crops … Continue reading

Battle of Mobile (1781)

The 2nd Battle of Mobile, also known as the Battle at the Village, was a British attempt to recapture the town of Mobile, in the British province of West Florida, from the Spanish during the Anglo-Spanish War. The Spanish had previously captured Mobile in March 1780. On January 7, 1781, a British attack against … Continue reading

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