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1780 Battle of Waxhaws, SC.

May 29, 1780 Battle of Waxhaws, SC.

Following the surrender of Charleston, SC on May 12th, the only effective Rebel fighting force left in South Carolina was a regiment of 300 Continentals under the command of Colonel Abraham Buford. Buford’s force was ordered to withdraw to Hillsboro, NC and was pursued by British Colonel Banastre Tarleton with about 250 men, … Continue reading

Sir John Johnson’s first raid on Mohawk River area.

May 21, 1780 Sir John Johnson’s first raid on Mohawk River area.

In mid-March, a Loyalist scout returned to Quebec from the Mohawk Valley. He informed Governor-General Haldimand and Sir John Johnson that the Rebels were forcing men of military age to serve in units for home defense. Any who refused such service would be considered Tories, sent to prison, … Continue reading

1780 Indian raiding parties.

Mar 1780 Indian raiding parties.

During the spring of 1780, Indian war parties were constantly leaving Fort Niagara for the frontiers of New York, Pennsylvania, and as far south as Virginia. The raiding parties ranged in size from six to seventy-five men. Returning to Fort Niagara, the parties brought in prisoners, livestock, and reports of settlers killed and barns burned.

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