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Brant attacks Canajoharie.

Aug 2, 1780 Brant attacks Canajoharie.

Most of the Rebel militia was heading for Fort Stanwix to try and trap Joseph Brant. However, Brant had moved on and was preparing … Continue reading

1780 Indians join British.

Jul 2, 1780 Indians join British.

About 300 Indians who had been supporting the Rebels, entered Fort Niagara. These were some 80 Tuscaroras, 180 Onondagas (who had fled to Oneida … Continue reading

1780 Battle of Waxhaws, SC.

May 29, 1780 Battle of Waxhaws, SC.

Following the surrender of Charleston, SC on May 12th, the only effective Rebel fighting force left in South Carolina was a regiment of … Continue reading