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USS Trumbull (1776)

The second Trumbull was a three-masted, wooden-hulled sailing frigate and was one of the first of 13 frigates authorized by the Continental Congress on 13 of December 1775. They were superior in design and … Continue reading

Lochry’s Defeat

Lochry’s Defeat

Lochry’s Defeat, also known as the Lochry massacre, was a battle fought on August 24, 1781, near present-day Aurora, Indiana, in the United States. The battle was part … Continue reading

Action of 21 July 1781

The action of 21 July 1781[Note 1] was a naval skirmish off the harbour of Spanish River, Cape BretonNova Scotia (present-day Sydney, Nova Scotia), during the War of American Independence. Two … Continue reading